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Law education in Pakistan has never been more important that it has become now, in view of the present political circumstances of Pakistan and the key role that our eminent lawyers played in the re-instatement of the judiciary. It is therefore extremely important for all future lawyers to be well equipped with the knowledge and expertise that they will require in the course of their practice, and also in order to combat any such dire situation / constitutional / legal crisis with the same valour, vigour and enthusiasm. Our mission is to impart law education to the ones who wish to take on the challenge of enlightening themselves with the knowledge, skills and expertise required to be able to play similar key roles for the sake of our country.

We provide quality law education making use of  innovative information technology, giving access to world renowned legal resources and also engaging each of our students in the unique learning experience that we offer. We also hold legal seminars / workshops and Professional development courses for practising lawyers, which makes us the first law education provider in Pakistan to offer such courses. We aim to bring the international standards of law education to Pakistan and adopt them as our norms.

We make our best efforts to deliver our promise of making the difference by maintaining our standard of law education which will be way ahead from the present conventional methods used by other law education providers.

School of Law is an independent law education provider which is being run under the umbrella of “Centre of Excellence for Legal Fraternity” a corporate body registered with the SECP.  It is affiliated with the University of the Punjab for its LL.B. degree programs.

We have TWO branches based in Lahore and Kasur



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