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For Pakistan, the most critical issue is not the creation of laws, but rather the adequacy of implementation, compliance, and enforcement.

Studying law has never been so relevant as crime; law and judiciary once again occupy centre-stage in Pakistan. The forces of change and the current turmoil are creating a growing need for professionals who can function effectively in an ever-changing society. We invite you to become a part of our community where an undergraduate law degree can be as general or specialized as you choose. As you explore the many opportunities we will help you define your niche, through which you can have a successful and meaningful career whilst contributing to the much needed improvement, as well as serving the public interest.

At SOL unlike other law institutions in Pakistan, we offer law education to both intending and practicing lawyers. We will provide specialist seminars and workshops to existing practitioners. This is a unique initiative which will tap into the experiences of current professionals whilst enabling them to benefit from continuous professional development opportunities.

We expect high standards and have high aspirations and want our students to enjoy their learning, be valued members and achieve beyond their expectations. In order for us to deliver to those standards we have acquired and installed high tech IT facilities. Our students will have the ability to use the ePortal site and access lecture recordings anytime and anywhere. This will free up time for class discussions, group work and other activities that engage students as active learners. The ability to access material at anytime will allow you the opportunity to review cases and supplement your learning experience.

School of Law is an independent institution being run under auspices of the “Centre of Excellence for Legal Fraternity”, It is affiliated with University of the Punjab. Future plans include accreditation with universities in England and Wales, USA and Canada to acquire joint programs and educational exchanges.

The excitement at School of Law is building as we prepare for the arrival of our inaugural session in September 2012. If you have not yet applied, we encourage you to do so.

Thank you for choosing School of Law and we welcome you to our community.

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