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School of Law provides law education in compliance with the international standards. Unlike other law colleges in Pakistan, the School of Law, where it provides law education for the future lawyers, it also provides training courses and workshops for continuing professional development of the practising lawyers. We take pride in having a faculty of eminent and learned former judges of the superior courts and prominent lawyers who have practicing experience in different jurisdictions around the world. We have also gathered multifarious modes of learning at the School of Law to facilitate the learning experience of our students and also to enhance their interest in this esteemed profession.

In addition to the standard facilities available at any reputable education provider, School of Law has the following features / facilities which keep it one step ahead from other law education providers in Pakistan:

  • Quality Law Education with highly qualified and experienced Faculty
  • Spacious campus with Multimedia Lecture Halls
  • Innovative IT facilities with Free Broadband Wi Fi on campus and a Computer Lab.
  • Unlimited access to world renowned online legal resources with remote access
  • Professional Development Courses for Practising lawyers through CPD Seminars and workshops
  • Law Moots
  • sJournal for legal and academic scholarship

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Address : 74B/III, Gulberg III Lahore Pakistan.
Phone : +9242-35772801-02
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Email : info@sol.org.pk
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