At School of Law, we make use of our innovative Information Technology, giving access to the world renowned legal resources and also engaging each of our students in the unique learning experience that we offer. We provide Travelling Desktop facility whereby students and all our staff members can carry their data wherever they go and can work anywhere using this online work environment. Travelling Desktop carries e-learning material, online subscriptions and all software necessary for educational purposes. Our terminal servers are accessible from any part of the world using usernames and passwords.

We use Moodle interlinking students and lecturers together. The application provides complete course management with user-friendly options.

Our online digital library portal will be up and running soon where all text and reference books will be available in PDF format.

School of Law also a wide range of online learning resources i.e.

  • JustCite
  • BaiLii
  • AsianLii
  • CommonLii etc.

JUSTIS is a full text online legal library of UK, Irish and EU case law dating back to 1163 and legislation from 1235 and it covers The Times Law Reports, English Reports, JustCite, Justis EU, Aspinall’s Maritime Cases, Inquest Law Reports, England & Wales Judgments, Mental Health Law Reports, Prison Law Reports, Police Law Reports, Extradition Law Reports, CCH Tax Cases, Justis UK Legislation Complete.

JustCite is a multi-jurisdictional citator and legal search engine. It provides invaluable information about cases, legislation and articles and their interdependent relationships. JustCite helps identify the leading case in seconds. JustCite search ranking considers the relationships between cases. It shows how legislation has been amended and applied in court. It is boosted by interactive visualization tools, user-generated content and other ground-breaking features. It also provides seamless links through to the full-text material of numerous other learning resources including Justis, Lexis Library and Westlaw.

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