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Press Release | Law Students’ Consortium of Pakistan

29th November 2014

The School of Law conducted the 1st ever ‘Law Students’ Consortium of Pakistan – the Students’ Conference’ on Saturday 29th November 2014 at its campus in Lahore.

The Law Students’ Consortium of Pakistan (“LSCOP”) is a forum ‘by the students’ for the students’ with special input from alumni and recent graduates. It is an event for the guidance of students and provides a unique opportunity for open discussion and debate amongst the student community as well as a chance for them to come together on a common platform to highlight the challenges they face in legal education and practice in Pakistan.

The Law students’ consortium was a one of its kind initiative by the School as part of its various Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities and commitment under SOL Resolution on CPD whereby law students and young graduates are given a chance to be heard on issues that directly affect them such as legal education, recent developments, career roadmaps etc.

In addition to being the largest conference of students for dialogue in Pakistan on their academic development, the Consortium offered networking opportunity to law students inter-se as well as with prominent members of staff, law firm owners, members of bar councils and other concerned and related personnel who attended the same as Guests of Honour.

The speakers at the event included:

  1. Mr. Ali Abdul Rehman (Roots College International, Islamabad)
  2. Ms. Bibi Jan (University of Peshawar)
  3. Ms. Aqsa Nasir (School of Law, Lahore)
  4. Mr. Moin Qaiser (Graduate of National Law College)
  5. Barrister Fareed Yaldram (Graduate of Pakistan College of Law)
  6. Mr. Shayan Malik (Graduate of Pakistan College of Law)

 The Vice Chairman of KPK Bar Council Mr. Akhtar Ali Khan graced the occasion as our Guest of Honour.

Mr. Ali Abdul Rehman spoke on Stream 1 which focused on legal developments and discussed the state of minorities in Pakistan with reference to the constitutional safeguards vis a vis the empirical and ground realities that plague Pakistan in shape of forced conversions and sectarian attacks. He recommended that the State could not be a silent spectator and that there was a real need to raise right awareness and to change the curriculum in the books that hones greater respect for all faiths.

Stream 2 focused on Legal Education and Practice wherein Ms. Bibi Jan shared her journey and struggles regarding the pursuit of justice in her part of the region which compelled her to join law as a profession. She shared her fears, the state of her people especially women and their plight at seeking justice in a male dominated and culturally conservative region. She endeavours to be the voice of all those women and hoped for better opportunities and infrastructure for her part of the world.

Mr. Moin Qaiser highlighted the problems of the legal profession and the gap between legal education and practice very vehemently and highlighted the dearth of practical legal training available to prospective lawyers and lack of remuneration and learning in the struggling years as a fresh advocate.

Ms. Aqsa Nasir highlighted the challenges faced by masses related to use of English language which is the official language in Pakistan and in which proper training at grass-root level in primary school days is not provided to build the base of the students which later on hamper their learning and ability to perform well in their legal education years as most of the curricula and the laws in Pakistan are in English.

Stream 3 was especially designed for graduate students/advocates to give career and academic advice to prospective lawyers and law students. In that, Barrister Fareed Yaldram very rightly pointed out the steps towards building your career roadmap which in his opinion begins as soon as you enrol yourself into your law degree. He laid stress on the importance of networking especially with the teachers and faculty members as the first point of reference and insight into the profession. He also laid stress on making full use of opportunities to do as many internships as possible during school years to get a good idea of the profession before hand and to be able to carve your path accordingly to first hand insight of the profession based on that experience. He suggested that internships should not be taken lightly as they are your first impression in the profession that you will be adopting and operating in after your degree. Lastly, he stressed on research and homework by prospective lawyers to decide which line, which path and which senior lawyer they would like to shadow so as to maximize the opportunity to learn skills and expertise that goes best with your interests, aims and objectives.

Mr. Shayan Malik summed up with a very enlightening presentation on the ‘non-legal career options for law students’ that go very well with their law degrees and which actually open up their horizon. He made the students realize that going to courts was not their only option after LL.B and that several paralegal and research based policy think tanks are in place which take law graduates.

The event culminated with very encouraging remarks from the Guest of Honour Vice Chairman KPK Bar Council and the Dean of Local Programmes at School of Law, Dr. M. Jamal Abbasi.

This event will now be an annual event at School of Law.


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