• The Principal shall have the discretion to refuse admission to any student.
  • If any candidate wants to seek any category of scholarship or any financial assistance, he must apply on the prescribed scholarship application along with admission form. Later no request shall be entertained for awarding of any of the scholarship awarded to students may be withdrawn if they do not measure up to following the criterion:
    • 70% class attendance.
    • Regularity in class tests, assignments and presentations.
    • Qualifying in mid-term and end-term examinations.
  • Depositing of the School of Law (“the School”) dues/fee or delivering the admission form/application in the School office shall not be a proof of admission unless the admission is duly guaranteed by the Principal.
  • On admission, students will get identity cards from the School which must be in their possession while attending the School and must be shown when asked for by any member of the Faculty or Official of the School.
  • For boys formal dress i.e. necktie or shalwar kameez with waist coat.
  • Any student, who is expelled, rusticated or whose entry is banned by the University of the Punjab or any other School for any reason whatsoever it may be at any time during his academic career, shall not be admitted in the School.
  • All admissions, secured by providing wrong information, forged documents or concealment of relevant information shall be cancelled. The Principal reserves the right of forwarding such cases to Police or other competent authorities.
  • Fees and funds once paid are not refundable.
  • The School dues are payable in advance. For convenience, the dues can be paid in installments within the prescribed period. After the expiry of due date of payment of fees, a fine of Rs. 50/- per week will be charged up to the last working day of the month thereafter the name of the defaulter will be struck out from the School rolls. The defaulter can than apply for the re-admission if he/she wants to get re-admission in the School rolls. After the approval from the Principal he/she has to deposit the dues along-with a penalty of Rs. 5,000/- for re-admission.
  • The fees of the School will be increased 15% every year.
  • All the scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the performance of the student in the academics.
  • 70% of attendance is required for every student in the School lectures delivered during the academic year, in case of failure the name of the student may be withheld for that session.
  • Smoking in the premises is prohibited.
  • No political activities are permissible in the School, in case of involvement in any prohibited activity; the School Authorities reserves the right to expel the name of the student from the School.
  • No notices or posters are allowed to be pasted in the School premises without getting prior permission from the School Authorities.
  • If any student is involved in mis-behaving with any member of the School Staff including Administration/Teaching Staff, this act of his/her will amount to misconduct, for this the name of the student will be expelled from the School.
  • Any student to whom fee discount has been granted misbehaved, the facility given to the student will be withdrawn and the student will have to pay the normal fee.
  • The students to whom special discount has been given in the first year, continuation of the special will be extended on the performance of the student, in case of below average performance the facility can be withdrawn and can be given to any other deserving student.
  • All the students shall display good behaviour throughout the session and shall abide by the School rules and regulations. In case of violation of the rules by the student or of any orders of the Principal of the School, his/her name can be expelled from the School rolls without giving prior notice or assigning any reason. Student can however lodge an appeal against his or her expulsion to the Disciplinary Board.
  • All the students are bound to appear in Mid-term and End-term examinations in the School, in case of failure the admissions in the University of the Punjab examinations will be withheld.

NOTE: School’s Disciplinary Board can amend reform or add any new rule during the Academic year.

Disciplinary Board:

School’s Disciplinary Board comprises of the followings:

(1) A member of the Board of Governors

(2) The Principal

(3) Program Coordinator(s)

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