Governor’s Speech, Inaugural Ceremony at SOL

October 9, 2012 Others

Speech notes:

“…………………I strongly believe that there is still a lot needs to be done for the betterment of law education in Pakistan and for that, no doubt, we need quality law education providers. I am very happy to know that school of law is committed to provide quality law education……………”

.. “I am very confident that school of law can and will introduce new dimension in the law education. I am very impressed by the IT system of this institute. As far as I am aware, school of law is going to be the first law education provider to provide such facilities to its students, staff and lecturers. It is a good omen that law students and law lecturers will have access to the world renowned online legal data resources 24/7 from any where………….”

“……Another thing that impresses me here is CPD (continuing professional development) workshops for practising lawyers. It is good that this idea is now practically being introduced in the country. I have no doubt that lawyers should always endeavour to develop their legal knowledge. And particularly for those lawyers, who deal with international clients and who have access to the upper tiers of the law profession, CPD is imperative. I am happy that school of law will also provide CPD for our lawyers. This will set a new trend and healthy culture in the law profession.”

“In the end I must say that school of law’s vision is impressive and I have no doubt that school of law, with its brilliant faculty and facilities, will achieve its goals with utmost professionalism.”


                                                                                                          (Governor Punjab)

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