Law and its practice enables a person to know about one`s legal rights and responsibilities and also enhances the experience of life in a brighter perspective. A law degree is not just to pursue a career in this esteemed profession but also serves as the best supportive professional qualification for a person belonging to any other profession / industry. This degree makes a huge contribution in the personal and professional development of one`s career and life as its great strength is using knowledge in practice. At the School of Law, we are offering LLB degree program in a unique way, to enrich the knowledge, skills and competence of the mature students and at the same time, to introduce the flexibilities, rigidity, delicacies and complexities of the law and its practice to novices.


 LL.B. (HONS) – University of London


SOL offers academic support to LL.B. (HONS) students of the University of London (UoL) international program. The UoL’s LL.B (Hons) Degree is generally a three year program whereby students study a total of 12 subjects, taking four examinations each year (i.e. Scheme A – Bachelor of Laws). However, there are seven different pathways available to obtain the LL.B degree from UoL for students at different stages of their academic and/or professional life.

The compulsory subjects include:

Year 1:

  1. Common Law Reasoning and Institutions,
  2. Contract Law,
  3. Public Law,
  4. Criminal Law,

Year 2:

  1. Land Law,
  2. Law of Trusts,
  3. Law of Tort

Year 3:

Jurisprudence & Legal Theory.

Optional subjects include:

Islamic Law, Company Law, Human Rights Law, Conflict of Laws, European Union Law, Public International Law, Commercial Law and Law of Evidence

Admission Requirements

  • Be aged 17 or above by the 30 November in the year of registration and
  • 3 A’s (non overlapping subjects) with grade A to E 

If you are not automatically eligible then you will be individually considered by the University of London’s Special Admissions Panel. The Special Admissions Panel will consider qualifications which are not published under the Qualifications for Entrance Schedule, incomplete qualifications (e.g. diplomas / degrees) and substantial relevant work experience. 

English language requirement

The language of instruction, reading and assessment is English. To succeed on UoL programs you need a good level of competence in English. If you doubt your ability in written or spoken English we advise you take a course and test in English language before enrolling on the program.

Required standard of English

You will usually meet the English language requirement for undergraduate program if you

  1. Hold a UK GCSE / GCE O level in English at grade C or above
  2. Have five years secondary schooling taught solely in English or have passed GCE A levels or IB in essay-based subjects
  3. Have passed an International Foundation program that permits entry onto a recognised UK bachelor degree
  4. Hold a full Postgraduate award, or a full first degree or Associate degree taught and examined in English from an institute that is acceptable to the University
  5. Have passed, within the past three years, an Associate degree, Diploma or Higher Diploma awarded by an acceptable institute / polytechnic / university in Hong Kong, Malaysia or Singapore, or
  6. Have passed, within the past three years, a test of proficiency in English language from an organisation acceptable to the University.

Where an applicant does not meet the required English language level but believes they can demonstrate the required level for admission the University may, at its discretion, consider the application.

Please note if an applicant satisfies one of the above conditions yet provides evidence of a test of proficiency in English language, awarded within the past three years, which is below the University’s minimum requirements then they will be required to retake such a test before being offered admission.

Online access

Online access is now a requirement for registration to the LLB and Diploma in Law programs. If you do not have appropriate online access you will not be able to undertake the compulsory online legal research exercises, complete the online Skills Portfolio or fulfill the IT skills requirements.

For further enquiries please drop an email at london@sol.org.pk

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