Arwa Ahmad Doger (LL.M. Graduate)

Having spent one academic year at the School of Law, I would say without any doubt that the institute is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research. Most importantly, the faculty believes in learning with research. The on campus library is fully equipped with law journals, digests, and other legal resources.

The different learning sources and information technology that SOL has infused with its teaching methods came in really handy, the recent articles and library assistance helped me in writing quality answers to legal propositions, throughout my academic tenure at SOL, which in result helped me achieve a high mark in my University of London LL.M.

The school provides it’s students a variety of activities to engage in. For instance through the court visits along with advocacy training I was shown a glance of the real and practical legal world, hence my knowledge was not just confined to books.

Furthermore, the school organized different conferences, workshops and guest lectures on matters of immense legal importance, which in turn gave me another opportunity to not only meet professionals from my field but also I got a chance to gain knowledge from them.

Therefore, I believe School of Law is one of the leading institutions for a law student who seeks to acquire an international professional law degree, while staying in Pakistan.

Barrister Arann Dowling-Hussey

In 2013 the School of Law in Lahore invited me to speak, with colleagues from Pakistan, at a seminar in Lahore on arbitration. The attention to detail before, during and after that seminar was very high.

If I had the chance to work with the School of Law in the future I would do and I have no hesitation in recommending the institution. They have an innovative and imaginative approach to undergraduate education, post-graduate education  and continuing professional development courses


Mr. Bulent Sohail (Vice President CLE Institute Islamabad)


The Second CPD Conference at the School of Law, Lahore was a unique experience for me not only for the reason that the subject matter of the Conference is something novel and necessary for the Pakistani legal fraternity but doubly so because of superb professionalism of the organisers, in particular, of Ms. Nida Mahmood, Vice Principal, SOL. I have all the confidence that SOL will be a premier CPD provider and market leader in CPD for Pakistani legal professionals in the years to come. I wish them all the very best and success.



Mr. Ali Abdul Rehman (Speaker – LSCOP)

The sol consortium was a wonderful event, in fact, the first of its kind. It gave me the opportunity to express myself in front of esteemed lawyers and academicians, which helped me to hone my skills as a lawyer-in-the-making. Apart from that, the insights into the legal profession that were provided by the guests and fellow speakers were very useful. And lastly, the lively audience gave an informal tint to the event resulting in a highly engaging session.



Mr. Shayan Malik (Speaker – LSCOP)

The Law Students Consortium at the School of Law, and the CPD in general. are a stepping stone that we see towards a more democratic form of legal education. I am really grateful to Ms. Nida Mahmood for having provided me with this opportunity to talk to students at the School of Law about the non-legal career prospects of law graduates in a session that I found very interactive and intellectually fulfilling. The social science conundrum within Pakistan is an issue that is really close to my heart and I feel glad that I was able to have been part of this grassroots effort. Having students catch up with me after the formal conclusion of the event with their myriad questions and my responses to them was a very meaningful experience that I had. I would like to wish the School of Law and its CPD efforts the best of success for the future and will try to contribute towards it in any manner that I can.


Barrister Ronan Cormacain

I presented a one day workshop on legislative drafting in 2015 organised by the School of Law.

The workshop was designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of lawyers (both within and outside government) on the drafting of legislation.

The workshop was very well organised by the School of Law.  All the facilities I requested were provided, the venue was professionally run, the materials were made available to participants and there were no organisational problems.  The participants themselves seemed to get a great deal out of the workshop.  They interacted well, made pertinent observations and responded to the practical drafting exercises I had designed.

At a personal level, the School of Law made me feel very welcome.  They were extremely hospitable and looked after me as a guest to Pakistan very well.

They arranged flights, visa, accommodation, transport – everything that I needed for my short stay in Pakistan.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them – both for guest lecturers and for participants in any future workshops.

Ms Sara Abbasi

I have worked as an Administrator & Coordinator International Programmes with the School of Law, 74-B/III, Gulberg III, Lahore for the academic session 2015-16. School of Law (SOL) is an emerging law school in Lahore and the only one which focuses not only on the academic progression of the students, but also prepares them for the practical aspects of the legal profession by focusing on moot exercises and continual professional development courses. SOL has a professional work environment with lots of scope of professional growth of legal academicians. School of Law has various unique features including a diversified teaching faculty, access to international legal research portals and online course management system. School of Law also provide CPD courses for the practising lawyers in Pakistan and I had the privilege of organizing a Legislative Drafting Training in November 2015 and a Conference on Redefining Legal Education in Pakistan in March 2016 during my tenure as an Administrator at SOL. I strongly recommend all aspiring legal academicians to join SOL for boosting their careers.


I presented a workshop on Negotiation with the School of Law in Lahore and I can highly recommend them as an organisation to work with.

They were extremely professional in all aspects of the event – the venue, the facilities and the marketing. We had a very good turnout, including several local dignitaries and it was filmed by a local television channel.

Thanks to the School, I had an extremely enjoyable experience in Lahore and would recommend it to anyone.



On the 3rd February 2018, I had the pleasure of giving a full day course on advocacy which had been organised by the School of Law in Lahore.  This day of training took place in the luxurious splendour of the Pearl Continental Hotel and we had 47 attendees.

In the morning, I gave a general introduction on the key requirements of court advocacy.  Following on from that we focused on a criminal exercise which gave us an opportunity to practice bail applications, examination-in-chief, cross examination, and closing speeches.

In the afternoon, we had a civil exercise where attendees had an opportunity to make oral submissions to a Judge for an injunction, based upon skeleton arguments which they had prepared prior to the day’s training.

Everyone had an opportunity to practice their advocacy and to receive feedback on the exercises.  It was a wonderful day and I was extremely honoured to have been invited to Lahore to give this day’s advocacy training.  The feedback I received suggested to me that it was a resounding success!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ehsan Chugtai who invited me in the first place and organised my travel to Lahore, Wasif Zaman and Faisal Javed, the principal and vice-principal and Fatima Piracha, the co-ordinator.  In addition, I would like to thank Tahir Gondal (the Assistant Attorney General of Pakistan) who was present and taught me much about Pakistani law and to Zafar Kalanori (Sr Supreme Court Advocate) who kindly gave up his time to speak of his experiences in the courts.

I am a greatly indebted to all of the above who made my stay in Lahore so wonderful and I very much look forward to returning to Pakistan in the near future to repeat the course!

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