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5-year LLB programme

We are affiliated with University of the Punjab for its LL.B degree program (5 Years) that starts in Sept - Oct. every year. The course comprises of both substantive and procedural laws of Pakistan. Assessment is based on yearly examination, the schedule of which is announced by the University. The School however conducts its internal assessments through course works and TCAs before the final assessment. Upon successfully completing LL.B program, students become eligible to apply for enrollment as Advocates to practice law in Pakistan.


  • Highly qualified and committed faculty which includes graduates from world-renowned law schools, experienced lawyers, and retired judges of superior courts of Pakistan
  • State-of-the-art library and information technology facilities powered by leading databases including LexisNexis & Westlaw
  • Provision of clinical legal education and co-curricular activities
  • Purpose-built campus with ample space

Diversity and equality of opportunity are the main pillars of our policy. Women and other disadvantaged groups are especially encouraged to apply.

Criteria for Admissions

  • Applicants must have passed Intermediate / A levels or equivalent with 45% and Law Admission Test (LAT) with a minimum of 50% score. Candidates waiting for results may also apply.
  • Sessions gap - Not more than 5 years
  • Age - No age limits
  • In addition, candidates will have to submit a personal statement and appear in interview before admissions committee.

We have limited number of seats. Applications will be considered on first come, first served basis.

LLB Part-l
Paper-llPolitical Science-l100
Paper-lVIntroduction to Philosophy of Law100
Paper-VIslamic studies / Ethics and Pak-Studies100
Paper-VlIntroduction to Legal System100
LLB Part-ll
Paper-llAlternative Dispute Resolutions100
Paper-lllEnglish Jurisprudence100
Paper-lVIslamic Jurisprudence100
Paper-VHuman Rights Laws100
Paper-VlConstitutional Law-l100
LLB Part-lll
Paper-lConstitutional Law-ll100
Paper-llMuslim Personal Law100
Paper-lllLaw of Contract & Sales of Goods Act100
Paper-lVLaw of Tort and Easement100
Paper-VCriminal Law100
Paper-VlPublic International Law100
LLB Part-lV
Paper-llLaw of transfer of Propoerty100
Paper-lllMercantile Law100
Paper-lVSpecial and Local Laws100
Paper-VEnvironmental Laws100
Paper-VlCyber Laws100
Paper-VllCivil Law-l100
LLB Part-V
Paper-lLaw of Civil-ll100
Paper-llCriminal Procedure Code and Medical Jurisprudence100
Paper-lllLaw of Evidence and Legal Ethics100
Paper-lVLegal Drafting and Interpretation of Statutes100
Paper-VAdministrative Law & Service Laws100
Paper-VlMinor Acts100
Paper-VllLabour and Taxation Laws100